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Massart , ; ScatozzaHöricht , De Carolis E. Findspot: Feţele Albe27 on a terrace located in the eastern part of the hill. It is made of transparent glass paste with very few air bubbles in the composition. Firenze , 95— XI Small round temple Description: Only the rim and part of the neck are preserved.

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III inside the fortress— construction level. Description: Only the lower part of the item has been preserved, namely the body and the base. Transparent glass paste with a slightly greenish hue, displaying air bubbles in the composition over the entire surface of the fragment. Bibliography: Florea et al. Analogies: probably Isings 28b; Lazar 8. Description: Only half of the base and a small part of the body have been preserved.

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Dating: irst century A. Bibliography: previously unpublished item. It is thus diicult to state if they contained substances for body care and cosmetics or for medical practices. Large scale works for terrace construction illing performed in this area of the Dacian capital in the context of the wars from the beginning of the second century A. In other words, it is not excluded that some of the unguentaria in the area of the fortiication belonged in fact to the Roman soldiers stationed in Sarmizegetusa Regia.

On the other hand, the three unguentaria discovered in the blacksmith workshops no. Unguentarium no. Similarly to the workshops, this dwelling burnt down during the wars with the Romans from the beginning of the second century A. Scatozza Höricht In the case of the items from Pompeii the substances were mainly common, while the content of dating glass glass balsamaria from Oplontis is much more exotic.

Ciarallo97—98, —; ScatozzaHöricht— Some of the balsamaria from Pompeii contained medicine made of resin or emulsions and coniferous juniper syrup with various pharmaceutical properties. In size they varied between few centimeters and 40 cm.

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Most of them had the rim inwardly folded and horizontally lattened Some of them had decorations, mainly on the base, sometimes even inscriptions probably the mark of the workshop or the name of the craftsman, or its owner Several glass bottles were found inSarmizegetusa Regiaand the neighboring settlements, either cylindrical in shape or square, almost all with a single handle.

Description: he entirely preserved item is made of translucent paste with a slightly bluish hue and with small air bubbles in the composition. Bibliography: Daicoviciu et al. Analogies: Isings 51 b.

Single-handled cylindrical? IV inside the fortress.

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Analogies: Isings 51b. Findspot: Feţele Albe27 on a terrace located in the eastern part of the hill. Description: he artefact is fragmentary, but all its typical parts were conserved. It is made of translucid glass paste with bluish hues and some air bubbles in the composition. Items of this type became common during the Flavian period and remained in use until the irst half of the fourth century A. Analogies: Isings 50 b. XI Small round temple Description: Only the rim and part of the neck are preserved.

As the item is broken at the neck, it is unclear if it had a handle or not.

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Bibliography: Iaroslavschi —, Analogies: the fragmentary statedoes not allow for the precise identiication of the type. Description: Only the handle has been preserved, highly chipped. Dimensions: preserved length: 6. Bibliography: Glodariu, pl. Analogies: unidentiiable because its fragmentary state. IV from the illing of the cistern. Description: Only the handle has been partially preserved, together with part of the neck and wall from what was probably a quadrilateral bottle.

Bibliography: Gheorghiu43, ig. Analogies: Isings 50 a more precise identiication of the subtype is impossible because of the fragmentary state.


Description: the nine wall fragments were part of several at least three quadrilateral bottles. Dimensions: the length of the fragments varies between 2. Bibliography: Gheorghiu, 44, ig.

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Description: Base fragments from a rectangular bottle. On the base the bottle displays a decoration consisting of concentric circles one can be seen on the preserved fragment. Bibliography: previously unpublished. Fețele Albe. Description: Only the rim, neck and a small part of the handle have been preserved. Analogies: he fragmentary preservation of the item does not allow for the precise identiication of the type. Findspot: Grădiştea de Munte — Sarmizegetusa Regia area of the fortress.

Description: Base fragment from a rectangular bottle. On the base the bottle displays a decoration consisting of concentric circles two can be seen on the fragmentof which one is prominent while the other the outer one is slightly more lattened.

Studia Archaeo Cârciumaru Târgoviște, RomaniaS. Luca Sibiu, RomaniaV. Kulcsár Szeged, HungaryM.

Dimensions: preserved length: 4. Fig 6. Fragmentary bottles.

Liliana Daniela Mateescu-Suciu: Glass Recipients from Sarmizegetusa Regia. Unguentaria and Bottles

As previously mentioned, the bottles were mainly used for the transportation and storage of liquids and less for serving them Rectangular bottles were very appropriate dating glass glass transportation as they could be placed one besides the other making optimal use of available space Similar to the unguentaria, the content of the bottles could be diverse. Specialists believe that they contained substances considered valuable as 29 he use of bottles part of tableware sets is conirmed by the discovery in the Roman milieu of such containers in kitchens or by some mosaics on which quadrangular bottles are associated dating glass glass other wine serving vessels glasses, cups, simpula etc.

Masseroli ScatozzaHöricht45; ScatozzaHöricht32— Residues rich in fatty acids probably from olive oil were also identiied in a series of bottles discovered in Pompeii It is plausible that these containers were used in the storage of products for cosmetics and body care or of medicinal substances In the case of bottles as well specialists have noted the fact that they were marked with stamps, impressions, decorations etc.

Such features can be seen on bottle no. It is thus uncertain if they were used during the period prior to the Roman conquest or subsequently. One should also note here that in the study dedicated to the glass artifacts discovered in the illing of the cistern on terrace IV the author brings a series of indirect arguments in favor of the use, possibly also of the production of the containers in question during the Dacian period Fragment no.

Until further excavations are performed on the terrace where the bottle from FeţeleAlbe was found, the ancient context remains unknown considering the fact that only traces of Dacian occupation have been attested in FeţeleAlbe, the bottle under discussion most probably belonged to a Dacian structure.

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On the other hand, the context of discovery recorded for three of the bottles indicates their use before the Roman conquest. Still, at this stage, these are but hypotheses that require extra data for dating glass glass. Massart; ScatozzaHöricht Di Pascuale, ; De Carolis—, cat.

To these one can add seven items found in the davae along River Siret: four on the site in Poiana, two in Barboşi, two in Răcătău and one in Brad Boţan, —,—, — I envisage here not only the glass containers themselves, but especially their contents oils, cosmetic substances, pharmaceutical products, spices etc. Biaggio Simona, I vetri romani.

Locarno Bobi V. Bobi, Civilizația geto-dacilor de la Curbura Carpaților sec. București Boţan S. Căpitanu V. Căpitanu, Principalele rezultate ale săpăturilor arheologice în așezarea geto-dacică de la Răcătău jud. Carpica VIII,49— Ciarallo A. Ciarallo, Il vetro in medicina. I casi di Oplontis e Pompei.

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In: M. Beretta, G. Di Pasquale Eds. Il vetro tra arte e scienza nel mondo romano. Firenze95— Daicoviciu et al.

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Daicoviciu, Ş. Ferenczi, A. Bodor, C. Gostar, D. Radu, M. Detiu, P. Duká, Şantierul Grădiştea Muncelului. De Carolis E. De Carolis, Il vetro nella vita quotidiana. Il vetro tra arte e scienza nel mondo romano, Firenze71—80, — Devroe A. Di Pascuale G. Di Pascuale, Measuring space. In: A Ciarallo, E.

De Carolis EdsPompeii. Life in a Roman Town. Milan dating glass glass, —, — Donati P. Donati, Un nuovo vetro romano irmato Grati a Locarno.

NumAntCl 9,— Florea G. EphNap III,95— EphNap IV,49— Florea, Suciu G. Florea, L. Suciu, Consideraţii preliminare privind cercetările arheologice de pe platoul cetăţii de la Grădiştea de Munte. Deva63— Florea et al. Florea, I. Glodariu, L. Suciu, E. Iaroslavschi, G. Gheorghiu, R.

Mateescu, P. Pupeză, C. Bodó, Grădiştea de Munte, com. Orăştioara de Sus, jud. Hunedoara Sarmizegetusa Regia. CCA, campania București69— Gheorghiu G. Gheorghiu, Obiecte de sticlă descoperite în cisterna de la Sarmizegetusa Regia. In: S. Mitu, F. Gogâltan Eds. Glodariu I. Glodariu, Relaţiile comerciale ale Daciei cu lumea elenistică şi romană. Glodariu, Un atelier de ierărie la Sarmizegetusa dacică. Harden D. Michigan Boţan ,—while ten other fragments from unguentariawere uncovered in Poiana Teodor, Chiriac—, cat.

Казалось, нет способа когда-нибудь ускользнуть в эту огромную пустоту - и нет также рациональной причины сделать. Джезерак заявил, что человек в пустыне скоро погибнет, и Элвин вполне мог верить. Возможно, однажды он и найдет путь покинуть Диаспар, но если он это и сделает, то заранее будет знать о скором возвращении.

Iaroslavschi, Au prelucrat dacii sticla? In: Studii dacice. Iaroslavschi — E. Iaroslavschi, Inventarul sanctuarului mic rorund de la Sarmizegetusa Regia. Isings C. Lazar I. Lazar, he Roman Glass from Slovenia.

Ljubljana Massart C. Musée Royal de Mariemont,— Masseroli S. Masseroli, Analisi di una forma vitrea: la bottiglia Isings 50 nella Cisalpina romana.

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Popescu, M. Iosifaru, Vase de sticlă descoperite la Buridava dacică. Buridava 10,74— Robin, Silvino L.