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They would nonetheless not disappear that easily. Basically they were used as shock troops, such as in the case of kings Harald or Halfdan who hires them, and Dumezil believes that their special connection to Odin must have counted since the god stand for the attribute of sovereignty as well. Upon leaving the state of trance, the warrior is at the peak of his weakness.

Despre acest joc Humanity was destined to fall. Your people, the Great Old Ones, were legends among the humans. Tales were told about their might, and whispers rose of how they would one day claim the entire human planet as their own. Of how mankind would simply go insane at the very sight of their malevolent beauty. Finally, the day came for the armies of the unspeakable horrors to rise.

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Mai exact, îți face legătura cu oamenii aflați în imediata apropiere, fără a-ți arăta din prima fotografiile lor. Este o modalitate de a evita să vă simțiți prost în cazul în care persoana nu vă acceptă.

Nu mă îndoiesc că lumea o să vrea să-l vadă, tentată de subiectașa cum am fost și noi, și citind una-alta despre poveștile aparținând vechii literaturi scandinave, în care faptele istorice se împletesc cu elementele mitologice.

Unde mai pui că împătimiții heavy metalului or să se bucure să-l vadă într-o postură inedită pe Johan Hegg, vocalistul de la Amon Amarth, care aici îl întrupează pe războinicul Valli. Bine că nu era la ăilalți, că nu știu ce mă făceam, pentru că n-am înțeles cu ce iși umpleau ei timpul liber în care nu erau mercenari de prin Carpați, supranumiți lupi.

Dar în film vedem cațiva vikingi dezrădăcinați, puși să lupte cu niște mercenari carpatini, care însă nu sunt urșifioroși și aproape toți tembeli. Să fie asta vreo Saga?

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Sau mai degrabă o variantă de Hunger Games cu nordici, în care The Mockingjay e boccie —dar paranormală? In Vatnsdaela Saga, Vikings wear wolf skins that prevent any wounds to be inflicted upon them, skins more enduring than chain mail.

One of most common historical mystifications is that of the Vikings.

The berserker could have been a real member of a special cult dedicated to Odin, and only its members must have been acquainted to its cultic practices. We do however have some fugitive references. For instance, Constantine the 8th, in his Book of Ceremonies, speaks about a ritual dance involving his Varangian Guard, who used to wear animal skins and masks, highly probably a ritual not very far away from the mythological information about the berserkers.

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This type of dance is often represented iconographically on helmets, scabbards or armbands, illustrating men covered in furs and with animal heads. Other ritual practices described in literature refer to the initiation of youngsters in such bands of mad warriors, usually comprising 12 men.

The process of initiation presupposed a real or simulated battle with a bear. There were some voices who suggested the idea that the Vikings would feed on hallucinogenic mushrooms, for example Amanita muscaria, which triggered a certain wild trance, or their behavior was caused by illnesses like epilepsy or hysteria. Mushrooms nonetheless more likely weaken the organism, and the other cases are rarely documented.

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One must rather take into account some mythological categories that explain and justify the preference for military skills and qualities possibly induced by means of the ritual practices cherished by berserker clans, aiding to an identification of the warrior with the almighty god, leading to the idea of a beastly metamorphosis.

The image of the berserker must be that of terror incarnate. Dumezil draw a parallel between these bands and the tribe of the Harii mentioned by the historian Tacitus, who not only utilized their natural ferocious appearance but also body paint in order to cause fear among the enemies.

It is a gesture similar to wearing skins to suggest the superhuman quality of the berserker.

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