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However, N-terminal inhibition also leads to induction of the pro-survival heat shock response HSR , in which displacement of the Hspbound transcription factor, heat shock factor-1, translocates to the nucleus and induces transcription of heat shock proteins, including Hsp Voi aduce soția mea ca un insotitor. I'll bring my wife as a chaperone. I thought you might like to be a chaperone at the winter formal

Via altering DNA accessibility, histone chaperones affect the transcriptional competence of genomic loci.

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However, in contrast to other factors affecting chromatin dynamics, the role of plant histone chaperones in abiotic stress response and adaptation remains elusive.

Utilizing overexpression and knockdown approaches, we found a positive correlation between OsNAPL6 expression levels and adaptation to multiple abiotic stresses.

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Results of comparative transcriptome dating chaperone and promoter-recruitment studies indicate that OsNAPL6 functions during dating chaperone response via modulation of expression of various genes involved in diverse functions. For instance, we show that OsNAPL6 is recruited to OsRad51 promoter, activating its expression and leading to more efficient DNA repair and abrogation of programmed cell death under salinity and genotoxic stress conditions.

These results suggest that the histone chaperone OsNAPL6 may serve a regulatory role in abiotic stress physiology possibly via modulating nucleosome dynamics at various stress-associated genomic loci. Taken together, our findings establish a hitherto unknown link between histone chaperones and abiotic stress response in plants.

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