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At the top of the hill we found the cave. We drove to the Jordanian gate firstly. Alte flori rosii potrivite pentru ocazii romantice si care sunt best seller in floraria noastra sunt: amaryllis, crini, frezii, gerbera, alstroemeria, anthurium sau minirosa, flori care creaza buchete de flori elegante, care impresioneaza de fiecare data! The site is on the border of Israel and Jordan, where the Jordan River divides the two countries. Apparently, Aqaba is much more lenient with alcohol in comparison to the rest of the Kingdom. Like all the ruins in Jordan, the castle is believed to have been occupied during the various periods.

Va fi mandra rau cand va arata tuturor buchetul primit de la tine, se va simti o printesa, o femeie unica si speciala, doar a ta, vor sti toti cat de mult o iubesti si o pretuiesti!

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Alege din cele mai populare buchete lalele rosii Unele dintre cele mai populare buchete sau aranjamente florale din florarie online livrare in tara au in prim plan trandafiri sau lalele rosii.

Stim cum sa impletim flori pasionale, astfel incat sa ajungem la inima celor mai indragostite persoane, fie ei barbati sau femei. Floristii nostri au experienta de peste 15 ani de zile atat in florarie online, cat si in magazin florarie, astfel ca vor crea pentru tine un buchet de lalele nemaipomenit de frumos! Alte flori rosii potrivite pentru ocazii romantice si care sunt best seller in floraria noastra sunt: amaryllis, crini, frezii, gerbera, alstroemeria, anthurium sau minirosa, flori care creaza buchete de flori elegante, care impresioneaza de fiecare data!

Merita sa incerci! Lasa-te inspirat de ideile noastre speciale cu lalele rosii Am selectat pentru tine cateva buchete cu lalele rosii unicat in Romania, din care poti alege sau cu care te poti delecta, pur si simplu, lasandu-ti gandurile sa zboare catre aleasa inimii tale.

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Comanda online oasis dating perth wa vino intr-una dintre florariile noastre de lux: Bucuresti — Atelier de lucru si centru de livrari — Bd. Wadi Rum is famous for being the dessert which T. Lawrence journeyed through during the revolt. It is the largest wadi valley in Jordan and travellers often go there for hiking, rock climbing or just to experience the nomadic life of the Bedouin and the beautiful vastness of the dessert. Given we were in Wadi Rum during the hottest part of summer, we planned we would be there from mid afternoon to the following morning.

Our 4WD trip there was, well, scary. The 4WD was basically a two-seater in the enclosed area, and the ute-like back with two rows of seats on either edge, was where we were seated — unbelted and just holding on for dear life.

When we arrived at the camp it was already near sunset. We noticed many couples perched romantically on high rocks, clinging onto each others hands and waiting for the sun to set. The driver introduced us to the guys that run the camp, two Bedouin brothers who suggested we find a nice spot to watch the sunset… So we wandered around the camp area.

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Naturally, Travis wanted to climb the highest rock and I was quite happy with the mid-level cliffs. The desert was so quiet, not a building in site, just one or two Bedouin camps in the distant. Very vast, very orange. After the sunset it was still quite bright, we explored a little bit more before heading back to our tent to get ready for dinner.

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Our tent, by the way, was huge not like our Nullarbor two-person tent! Dinner was in a communal tent, decorated beautifully, Bedouin-style. There were about eight low tables for each of the parties and cushions around each tables decorated with Kilim-like cloths and candles.

Pinterest Buchete lalele rosii sunt simbolul etern al pasiunii si dragostei, fiind buni inlocuitori sau chiar concurenti ai trandafirilor rosii. Se pare ca lalelele rosii trezesc in femei aceeasi fiori de iubire exact ca si trandafirii, fiind flori foarte parfumate, primavaratice si delicate, feminine. Citeste si: Top 10 lalele mov Trimite lalele rosii, comandate online de la profesionisti Nimic nu spune te iubesc mai bine decat un buchet de flori proaspete. Trimite buchete de lalele online cu modalitatile noastre de comanda rapida si foarte simpla, alegand din cele peste de produse disponibile in stoc. Fie ca esti aproape sau departe, iubita ta va aprecia acest gest galant venit din inima, livrarea de buchete lalele rosii senzational de frumoase, la usa casei ei sau la serviciu.

It was very cosy. While simple, the food was delicious, probably one of the nicest meals we had in Jordan… chicken, rice, salads. After dinner, Travis and I decided to have a bit of a walk.

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The whole area was lit up with stars. It was completely beautiful. We walked, talked. Would have been nice to sleep outside!

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The next morning, we were woken up by the giggles of the French children in the tent… so we woke up and had breakfast with everyone else. We were the only travellers from an English speaking country it seemed as everyone was chattering away in their own languages, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Arabic.

While not as famous as Wadi Rum, it seemed very vast and uninhabited. It was a long drive with very few towns along the way. We stopped at a rest house for some Turkish coffee where I remember getting inquisitively stared at by some local kids. As we drove on we eventually saw a vast expanse of light blue which was our first sighting of the famous salty Dead Sea.

As a little girl I remember learning about the bizarre stories of Lot, his wife and his daughters and so was excited about checking out this biblical site seduction, incest, what else could invoke such curiosity?! Our GPS took us around in circles for a while through a small oasis dating perth wa but we eventually found it with the help of the LP.

He got there about three seconds after us and took us up the steps of the hill. Yep, more steps. Lots of them.

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It was superbly hot and right in the middle of the day. There appeared to be no other tourists or people around which made us realised how unexplored a lot of these sites are, despite their biblical significance… We confirmed with the guide, that we were in fact the only people that had visited so far that day. At the top of the hill we found the cave. A big cave about three metres deep. More interesting to me was that during the Byzantine area a church was built directly around the cave so around the site were remnants of stones from the church.

Our guide also showed us that under the sandy surface we were standing on were metres and metres of mosaics which had not yet been uncovered due to the heat. The plan is to build a covering around the cave before removing the surface to expose the 5th to 8th Century artwork.

Not sure how long that will take by the looks of things! From the cave was a great few of the Dead Sea, fields of bright red tomatoes, aubergines, date trees, potatoes and banana trees and a nearby Potash industry.

We gratefully tipped the guide managed to get rid of the 5 USD the little Bedouin boy in Petra gave us! The site is on the border of Israel and Jordan, where the Jordan River divides the two countries.

Back then though, there was no Jordan. The site was populated with a handful of tourists with whom we were to tour with. The Baptism Site is quite large.

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Interestingly, there are about 11 different churches from various denominations built around the site. We saw the site where Jesus was to have been baptised and then got to dip our fingers into the very unimpressive and dirty Jordan River. The interesting sight was the Israeli flag only a few metres away across the ditch and a mirroring area on the other side for tourists in Israel to do the same. It has a restaurant and museum which we wandered through.

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We decided to eat at the restaurant, it was empty except for an American couple. We ate grilled meats of lamb, chicken and kebabs, shanklish local blue cheese with tomatoes, onions and parsleya walnut dip and bread.

It was simply delicious and the service equally great. The restaurant is supposed to be popular with locals on the weekends. After eating we decided to brave the Dead Sea. We had the option to go to the resort, pay a fee of 20 JD where we could comfortably walk into the sea, take a few snaps and have refreshing fresh water showers after.

However, there was the alternative option of parking on the side of the cliff, climbing down to the bay and having our own private swimming area. Of course, we went for the latter. It was still extremely, unbelievably hot even though it was about 5pm in the afternoon by then. Travis went in first. I went in.

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We took the obligatory photos and headed back to the car covered in salt. The sand on the banks of the bay was salty, and there were salt formations growing on the rocks in the area. Quite amazing. Tired and salty we decided to find a hotel. We decided to give the pricey resorts in the Dead Sea area a miss and head back to Madaba.

I was craving the kebabs we had in the local coffee shop a few days earlier! We stayed at the nicest little hotel called Marian Hotel. It had a balcony with a beautiful view of the pool and the city below. Israel border We had this idea that it would be easy to cross the Israel border and spend a day or two visiting Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem and Jericho.

It was so close! We drove to the first crossing — King Hussein Bridge.

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  • It is a seaport and is at the head of the Gulf of Aqaba, a gulf of the Red Sea.
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So we drove another thirty kilometres north to the Sheikh Hussein Bridge. This is where it got interesting and a little confusing. We drove to the Jordanian gate firstly.

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A bunch of handsome, young officers looked at us and at our car. After showing them our passports, our car registration and utilising hand signals we managed to communicate or so we thought that we wanted to drive our car across to Israel for a day. They seemed fine with it and encouraged us to drive down to the Israeli gate, so we did.