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Forgiveness stands at the very center of Christian faith and of Christian life because Christianity itself is, above all, the religion of forgiveness. God forgives us, and His forgiveness is in Christ, His Son, Whom Dating online psihic sends to us, so that by sharing in His humanity we may share in His love dating un coworker yahoo răspunsuri be truly reconciled with God.

Indeed, Christianity has no other content but love. And it is primarily the renewal of that love, a return to it, a growth in it, that we seek in Great Lent, in fasting and prayer, in the entire spirit and the entire effort of that season.

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Thus, forgiveness is both the beginning of, and the proper condition for the Lenten season. One may ask, however: Why should I perform this rite when I have no "enemies"? Why should I ask forgiveness from people who have done nothing to me, and whom I hardly know?

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To ask these questions, is to misunderstand the Orthodox teaching concerning forgiveness. It is true, that open enmity, personal hatred, real animosity may be absent from our life, though if we experience them, it may be easier for us to repent, for these feelings openly contradict Divine commandments.

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But, the Church reveals to us that there are much subtler ways of offending Divine Love. We are called to make a spiritual discovery: to taste of another mode of life and relationship with people, of life whose essence is love.

We can discover that always and everywhere Christ, the Divine Love Himself, stands in the midst of us, transforming our mutual alienation into brotherhood.

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And because we make this discovery — that of the Kingdom of God itself: the Kingdom of Peace and Love, of reconciliation with God and, in Him, with all that exists — we hear the hymns of that Feast, which once a year, "opens to us the doors of Paradise.