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Muzeul Etnografic este găzduit în primăria fostului oraş, datând din pe str. The main chapel has a golden altarpiece, dating from c. I'm actually dating from the privacy of my own home.

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Also on this floor is the room with the ancient and modern amulets from the Bellucci collection. Next is the room displaying sheets of embossed bronze from three parade chariots dating from BC, among of the most important Etruscan archaic bronze works ever discovered.

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Passing from the portico into the gallery, there is a display of burial objects from Etruscan tombs, including ornaments and cosmetic artifacts from ancient times. The oldest materials are at the back, such as the Monte Gualandro funerary stele late 7th —early 6th cent.

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BCcarved in sandstone and portraying two warriors, and the Sperandio sarcophagus, dating from BC, with a long procession depicted on the front. The cippo perugino, or Perugia stone, is of fundamental importance, as it holds one of the longest existing inscriptions in the Etruscan language.

The Prehistoric Section is introduced by an informational display. On the left wall, a meter time scale reproduces the entire sequence of prehistoric civilizations, from the earliest known up to the Bronze Age. On the opposite wall is a theme-based display, with texts and images illustrating the most significant climatic and ecological phenomena.

Aici, în Dating bc continentului European, avem ruinele arheologice o unei cetăți Vikinge datând din d. Here, along the northern reaches of the European continent, lie the archaeological ruins of a Viking fortress dating to A.

Henry Layard a descoperit numeroase Tablite de lut sumeriene scrise în cuneiforma datând din i.

Dating back to the 6th century BC,

Henry Layard uncovered numerous Sumerian clay tablets inscribed with cuneiform script dating to B. Puțul ăsta are o ieșire datând din vremea lui Filip cel Frumos This well has an exit dating from the time of Philip the Fair. Acuzarea folosește stereotipuri datând din aniicând vrăjitorii erau spânzurați pentru că lucrau cu diavolul.

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The prosecution uses stereotypes dating fromthe sorcerers were spânzuraþi because working with the devil. A number of medieval manuscripts, dating from the 13th century, are kept in the Montenegrin monasteries.

Capela principală are un altar de aur, datând din c. The main chapel has a golden altarpiece, dating from c.

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Este menționată în lucrarea egipteană de medicină Ebers Papyrus, datând din î. The method of removing the worm is described in the Egyptian medical Ebers Papyrus, dating from BC. Folosit aproape exclusiv de traci, exemplare au fost găsite datând din î.

BC has been reconstructed in the cloister of the convent, in a basement room next to the entrance. Urns from the Hellenistic necropolises in the Perugia area and Roman materials have been placed along the walls. The upper portico around the cloister is lined with travertine urns from the Perugian necropolises, a typical product of Etruscan art in the Hellenistic age.

Used almost exclusively by the Thracians, examples have been found dating from BC. Cuvântul kofun în japoneză reprezintă tipul de movile funerare datând din această perioadă. The word kofun is Japanese for the type of burial mounds dating from this era. Există multe povești, de exemplu, de om sălbatic, datând din Evul Mediu.

There are many stories, for example, of the wild man dating from medieval times. Arheologii au descoperit sute de mumii datând din i. Tot în cadrul expoziţiei de bază a muzeului sunt conservate alte două morminte datând din aceeaşi perioadă.