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I'm confident but appreciate a good compliment. Cei doi s-au afișat în calitate de cuplu pentru prima dată în Ținem o bâtă de baseball în spatele tejghelei.

I don't believe in wasting time.

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Still, don't misunderstand me I want to laugh every day. I want to learn something new.

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I want to make someone feel valued. We are all a work in progress and I work hard. Once I walk out of the work, however, I want to make every minute count.

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It's not so much what I'm doing--I just like to be out and about. Still, I consider a night-at-home essential at times: not "doing nothing", but actively chilling-out.

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Hmmm, what else I'm solar-powered. I think the beach is the best place for reflection and meditation. I am an excellent cook.

If I offer to cook for you, that baseball bat dating I really like you. I think a great meal is one of the best ways to show affection.

I watch what some may consider way too much TV. I'm a firm believer that it's always better to be a smart-ass than a dumb.

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If a man can make me laugh, I find it extremely sexy. I have two big dogs, Zander and Zara.

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They're awesome. I'm confident but appreciate a good compliment.

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Beyond that I'm a good friend. I mean what I say, and people always know where they stand with me.

  • I don't believe in wasting time.
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I tell the truth, but try hard not to let honesty come across as insensitivity. My free-time is precious to me and I want to spend it smiling, laughing, and enjoying every moment!

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