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Dont trust him Ankur Bisht Acum lună Doctor in my city, is recommending ivermectin and doxy together for best result. Elas nao gostam dele.

God will bless you. Please experiment krke dekho

God will bless you. Please experiment krke dekho On Day 05 or 06 add Sterioids. Impression is poisoning Expression is medicine Basavaraja s.

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Fenugreekine from Fenugreek seeds have higher docking score than remdiselvir so whoever not getting remdiselvir in intial stage just soak Fenugreek seeds and drink water along with seeds.

Martin Kempe Acum lună Please watch "Anna brees professionals trying to save lives with ivermectin" and "The impact of ivermectin use in Zimbabwe" and then you know that there IS a very good anti-Covid drug for all stages!!

Best immunity gyaan. Bandeka dating site Singh Acum lună Can a recently recovered Typhoid patient go for covaxin?

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Low Vit D patients die at 10 times higher rate than if Vit D is 30ng plus. Yet no one talking about this.

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Shri C Acum lună I took ivermectin as a precaution when my parents tested positive for covid. I don't know if i took extra precaution in house or the bandeka dating site that saved me from symptoms. I did get tested after 7 days, I got to know I was negative.

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Akshayaa Acum lună Glad to know. What was your regimen?

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The most cowardly doctor. Dont trust him Ankur Bisht Acum lună Doctor in my city, is recommending ivermectin and doxy together for best result.

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I am positive but recovering well with just cough as symptom. Rather than the disease.

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  • Aberatie Aberalie uOOIatim JateraIA Aberatie cromaticl datoratl dependentei grosismentului unui sistem optic fatl de lungimea de undl a radiatiei luminoase.

It's a vary from one company to another It's will cure for disease. And I have seen few channels are promoting steroid intake without a proper fact check on its pharmacodynamics. I urge them not to do that.

I would rather suggest them to follow AIIMS webinar in ROkey instead and ask doctors before taking drugs, especially steroids and blood thinners. Sahil Rasool Acum lună Is this protocol for comborbidties patient are only for those who are having mild symptoms including comborbidties patient.

Reduzir a codigo, ao sistema de simbolos que permite a representacao de uma informacao: o especialista codificou a mensagem, tornando- a inacessivel ao inimigo. En este ejemplo se usa un de. Wikipedia Espanol Una vez localizado el articulo, podremos ver toda su informacion.

Learned a lot. Will apply to my patients as well.

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Mohammed Saied Acum lună You mean you didn't know this before? Boss steroids are only when IL-6 goes up. Ivermectin is the best antiviral and most effective drug to treat covid Ho jaega aise ro Cooldude Acum lună Dont rely on medicine, pls take vaccine if you are eligible please save yourself and your family Shobha Rawat Acum lună Hindi bolo sab Angrej nahi hai yahan Ronit Roy Acum lună.

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