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Share this article Share The tests were on mice and more research is needed to see if the chemical will have the same effect on humans.

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Yet if all goes well, the treatment could be in widespread use in five to ten years. It is hoped it will help sufferers of male pattern baldness, which affects two-thirds of men as they age, as well as men and women with alopecia, in which small bald patches appear on the scalp.

The breakthrough comes from University of California Los Angeles researchers who were studying mice with gut problems triggered by a stress hormone.

The Dating Game: When You're Bald In Your 20s

It worked so well that three months after treatment the once-bald mice were indistinguishable from their healthy cagemates, the journal PLoS ONE reports. Further tests showed the treatment to work much better than minoxidil, one of the drugs of choice in treating hair loss.

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The team now plans to research just how the drug triggers regrowth, ahead of tests on people. Treatments for baldness range from tablets to hair transplants — but success is variable and the they can be expensive. Bald guys dating site or comment on this article: Drug to make your hair grow again - and that's the bald truth Most watched News videos.

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