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There are only three tombstones in the cemetery dating to Activitatea sportiva se refera la pregatirea in regim de cantonament a sportivilor nominalizati in loturile nationale si olimpice. Over time, the noble Jews worked their way up to the positions of toll payers, winemakers the Loksch family and tenants of taverns, economists and accountants of the nobility's agenda. The antiquity of the tombstones is redeemed by the fact that all epitaphs are relatively laconic, they contain only basic data.

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Um my name is Jennifer and I am a domestic violence advocate and also a volunteer recruiter for families in transition. Um I just wanted to hop on here, real quick and encourage um people to come and volunteer. In the domestic violence shelter realm, I guess you can say um so I just wanted to give you guys some statistics um and sometimes we don't volunteer.

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We don't reach out because we're not even aware as a community or society of what's really going on in our own backyards. Um so I just wanted to give you some statistics so on.

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Any given day, there's calls made to domestic violence shelters nationwide in a single day calls That's a lot of calls. Zion t dating to twenty-four people per minute are physically assaulted by an intimate partner just in the United States. One in four women and one in nine men experience zion t dating intimate partner, physical violence.

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I give you all these statistics so that you can see how much of a problem domestic violence is in and around our region, our community our society our world. And we need people to volunteer their time their lived experience um.

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To show these women men and children that there is a way to break the cycle of domestic violence and that they are entitled to live a life free from violence. So we're I'm asking if you would like to volunteer to please reach out um leave it in the comments below.

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Um you can always call the hotline um and just let them know that you're interested in volunteering and I will get you an application to fill out and um. I just really look forward to meeting new faces and Seeing what could happen with some new faces and some new volunteers so thank you for your time.

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