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Hoffman Dustin 6.

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Hoffman Samuel Kurtz; 7. Abbott Hoffman; born November 30,Worcester, Mass. United States political activist.

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He attended Brandeis University and the University of California, Berkeley and became active in the civil rights movement. He gained widespread media attention for his courtroom antics as a defendant in the so-called Chicago Seven trialin which he was convicted of crossing state lines with intent to riot at the Democratic Party's national convention in Chicago in ; the conviction was later overturned.

After he was arrested on charges of selling cocainehe went underground, undergoing plastic surgery and adopting the alias "Barry Freed" to work as an environmentalist in New York state. He resurfaced in and served a year in prison before resuming his environmental work.

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He acted in off-Broadway plays from and made his screen debut in The Graduatea phenomenal hit. United States aeronautical design and rocket propulsion engineer.

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At North American Aviation —70he vastly increased the power of rocket engines and he completed the prototype of the engine for the launch vehicles that orbited the first United States satellite Explorer 1 and placed the first United States astronauts in space. His work was essential to the early development of intercontinental and intermediate-range ballistic missiles.

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From he oversaw development of the engines for Saturn launch vehicles, which eventually carried United States astronauts to the Moon. Te rugăm sa votezi definiţia cuvântului "hoffman" care este cea mai utilă williamsport pa dating tine. Dicţionarul conţine următoarele traduceri în armeană pentru "hoffman": Ne pare rău, traducerea cuvântului "hoffman" nu a fost găsit în baza de date.

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