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He himself was only able to join his students in Potrivit estimărilor noastre, comunitatea noastră numără în jur de 45 persoane, deşi statisticile oficiale consemnează un număr mult mai mic.

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The authorities soon embarked on the organization of a state school system in those areas. Consequently, Jewish educational establishments outnumbered the Polish ones.

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In addition to strictly religious subjects, Hebrew was taught in the cheders. Afterin newly independent Poland, the curriculum program in the cheders was enlarged and embraced reading and writing in Hebrew and Yiddish in grade I, Hebrew language and literature, Polish, religious subjects, the history of the Jewish people, and arithmetic, geography, music a syllabus consistent with the regulations of the Ministry of Religious Denominations and Public Instruction of the Republic of Poland from in grades II through IV.

In the years — the Słuck Yeshiva, a school for future rabbis, moved to Kleck from nearby Słuck, now situated in Soviet Byelorussia.

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The celebrated rabbi Isser Zalman Meltzer, who was the superior of the Słuck Yeshiva, arranged the flight of his students from Słuck to Kleck in order to save the Jewish scientific legacy and the future of several hundred young candidates for rabbis.

He himself was only saruhan huel dating istorie to join his students in The huge support of the Kleck Jewish community for Rabbi Meltzer and his students ensured a swift opening of the Yeshiva in Kleck, which, even though it retained the name of Słuck Yeshiva, it added splendor to the town. Its festive inauguration alone attracted some 10, Jews from all corners of Poland and from abroad. All these types of educational establishments are reviewed in the article.

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