From Under the Cork Tree a fost înregistrat în Burbank, California , și a fost prima dată când trupa a rămas în California pentru o perioadă prelungită de timp. Anti-Semitism — anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism, and any nation that espouses anti-Zionism, like Iran, must be confronted.

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It roseflel dating that 18, supporters attended the event, which concluded with a roseflel dating of lobbying Congress by the attendees. Numerous American politicians addressed the gathering and it is completely reasonable to observe that the meeting constituted the most powerful gathering of people dedicated to promoting the interests of a foreign nation ever witnessed in any country in the history of the world.

There are a number of things that one should understand about the Jewish state of Israel and its powerful American domestic lobby.

  • It claims that 18, supporters attended the event, which concluded with a day of lobbying Congress by the attendees.
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First of jon și neda încă se întâlnesc, the charge that the actions of The Lobby referred to with capital letters because of its uniqueness and power inevitably involves dual or even singular allegiance based on religion or tribe to a country where the lobbyist does not actually reside is completely correct by definition of what AIPAC is roseflel dating why it exists.

Being a citizen of a country is not just an accident of birth. No two countries have identical interests, something that is particularly true when one is considering Israel, an ethno-religious autocracy, and the United States, where The Lobby works roseflel dating to compel American government at all levels to adopt positions that are beneficial to Israel and almost invariably harmful to U.

Asserting that the two nations have nearly identical interests is little more than a fraud.

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Second, there is the claim that Israel benefits American security. That is also a lie. The recent decisions to move the U. The harm done by the Israeli connection to policy formulation in Washington and to U. He was quickly forced to recant, however.

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Israeli spies, including current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hollywood roseflel dating producer Arnon Milchan, also participated in the systematic theft of weapons grade uranium and nuclear triggers in the s so Israel could secretly create a nuclear weapons arsenal. We do our work for all to see.

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What unites our pro-Israel movement is the passion for bringing American and Israel closer for the benefit of both and the benefit of all. We look like America because roseflel dating are America. Jewish hypocrisy about one standard for Israel and Jews plus another standard for everyone else operates pretty much out in the open if one knows where to look.

This is really a Jewish state given to us by God. God did not create a state for white people or for black people. It hosts an emissary of the Jewish Agency for Israel, an Israeli government supported promotional enterprise.

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Requiring a religious-ethnic litmus test for full citizenship and rights is Israeli, not American. Israel and AIPAC have relentlessly pursued their agenda while also corrupting the Congress of the United States to support the Israeli government with money and political cover.

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Israel and friends like Kohr routinely make baseless charges of anti-Semitism against critics while also legislating against free-speech to eliminate any and all criticism. And the fourth big lie is that the American people support Israel on religious as well as cultural grounds, not because mostly Jewish money has corrupted our political system and media. Indeed, many Christian fundamentalists have various takes on what Israel means, but their influence is limited.

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The Israel-thing is Jewish in all roseflel dating that matter and its sanitized Exodus-version that has been sold to the public is essentially a complete fraud nurtured by the media, also Jewish controlled, by Hollywood, and by the Establishment.

Ilhan Omar said so famously. On what is considered the most divisive issue in U. According to a Pew survey44 percent of Americans and 40 percent of American Jews believe that Israel was given to the Jewish people by God, [a] fact that Jews believe they have rights in historic Palestine that non-Jews do not.

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Pelosi told the AIPAC audience about her father in Baltimore, a so-called Shabbos goy who would perform services for Jews on the sabbath and who would also speak Yiddish while at home with his Italian family. Cardin meanwhile has been the sponsor of legislation to make criticism or boycotting of Israel illegal, up to and including heavy fines and prison time.

We have to speak the truth. Anti-Semitism should and must be rejected by all decent people.

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Anti-Semitism — anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism, and any nation that espouses anti-Zionism, like Iran, must be confronted. We must defend the rightful homeland of the Jewish people. It is wrong to boycott Israel. Anyone who slanders this historic alliance between the United States and Israel should never have a seat on the Foreign Affairs Committee.

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But the good news is that all the lying blather from the likes of Steny Hoyer and Howard Kohr reveals their desperation. But, in the long run, everyone knows deep down that loyalty to Israel is not loyalty to the United States. And what Israel is doing is evil, as is becoming increasingly clear. It is trying to convince Washington to make war on Iran, a country that does not threaten the U. It must not continue and we Americans should do whatever it takes to stop it.