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Balkan Geophysical Society, 8, Geofizica, 41, ,

Geologica Carpathica 60, 2,FI: 1. Lithos S, FI: 3.

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FI: 1. Inhester, M. Mierla, B. Geophysical Research AbstractsVol. Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. In: Space Plasma Physics, I. Integrated research on the intermediate depth earthquakes genesis within Vrancea zoneVergiliu Publishing House, Bucharestsouth bend speed ​​dating, Besutiu, L. Integrated research on the intermediate depth earthquakes genesis within Vrancea zoneVergiliu Publishing House, Bucharest, Maris, G.

Corbett ed. Kosovichev, A. Andrei and J. Rozelot eds.

Published Papers

Of Min. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear ChemistryVol. Tumanian M. Iatan E. CadicheanuN. Seghedi, I. Geological Society Special Publicationpp. Munteanu F. Demetrescu C. Ene M, Time dependent thermal state of the lithosphere in the south bend speed ​​dating of the Eastern Carpathians bend.

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Duchesne J. Post-collisional melting of crustal sources: constraints from geochronology, petrology and Sr, Nd isotope geochemistry of the Variscan Sichevita and Poniasca granitoid plutons South Carpathians, Romania. Femenias O. Mitrofan H. Mursula K. Advances in Space ResearchVolume 40, Issue 7pp. Chemical Geology,Stanica D. Besutiu, L. Consistent geomagnetic images cross-over the state borders between Romania and Ukraine.

Geophysical Journal, 3, t. Meeting on Solar Physics, Bucharest, October Demetrescu, C. Féménias O. American Mineralogist Harangi, Sz. European Lithosphere Dynamics. Geological Society, London, Memoirs, 32, The Geological Society of London Ruiz-Constan A. Stanica M. Stanica and Madalina Visan, Anomalous behavior of the electromagnetic parameters associated to intermediate depth earthquakes.

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Stanica D. Stanica Maria, Stanica Dumitru, Constantin Diacopolos dating începe la cincizeci Marian Popescu, Ground-base monitoring system on the active faults associated with seismic events. Atanasiu, L. Geofizica, 43, Bardan V. Beklemishev, A. Borcia I. Bucurescu, D. Budanov, V. Damian, A. Geofizica, Balkan Geophysical Society, 8, Results of the survey.

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Sass-Uhrynowski Ed. Data from Romanian repeat station network in the time interval New insights from long series of observatory data.

Insights from new geothermal measurements and modeling results, Geophys.

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International, submitted. Rezumat extins in Suppl.

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Reports in Physics, 57,Bucuresti, Lörinczi J. Române, Eds. Niculae L. Papp D. Geologica Carpatica 56, Polonic, G. Rosu E. Rus, T. Three plate kinematics in Romania: Suppl. Sandi H. Annual Symp. AGIR, Constructii Civile si Industriale, Comparatii cu spectrele statistice de avariere determinate dupa cutremurul din 4 martie Sandi, H. Seghedi I. Geologica Carpatica, 56, p.


Sprînceana, V. Suteanu, C. Szakács A. Balkan Geophysical Society, 8,p. Tugulea A. Tumanian, M. Demetrescu,The thermal state of the lithosphere in the bending zone of the Eastern Carpathians and adjacent areas.

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